Chronic Illness

Living with chronic illness can be difficult and can have an impact on our emotional health. We might feel uncertain about sharing our feelings with the people we love, so we simply hold our emotions in.  Seeing a therapist can help us take care of our mental well-being, and can also be useful in helping to address some of the long-term symptoms of chronic illness.

A therapist can offer a safe place to share and process our feelings about our illness, relationships, losses and the challenges we face. We can also learn more about our illness, strategies for managing symptoms of the illness and treatment, and planning for the future as we focus on what matters most for us. Some of the tools we find most helpful include meditation and mindfulness, exploring how we relate to our feelings and thoughts, pain management strategies, and identifying the activities that bring us the greatest meaning and joy. A therapist can also help us to communicate with our loved ones in a meaningful and positive way and to share our feelings about our illness and our own wishes for a meaningful life.

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