Grief & Loss Counseling

The Journey Through Grief and Loss

When someone we love dies, our world is turned upside down.  One minute we might feel unimaginable sadness and the next moment feel anger or even numbness. Sometimes, we feel unable to imagine our life without the person we have lost. Or, we struggle to find an answer to the question of why. Grief may also bring complicated or unresolved feelings about the person we have lost.  Often, we are expected to return to work still feeling unable to think clearly or concentrate. And, before we have even begun to grieve or process the loss.

We grieve losses other than death, too.

Some of the main reasons people come to grief counseling are:

  • Sad Young Man Sitting On The Floor Looking Through The Window needs therapy for grief and loss in chicago, il and in online therapy in Illinois with a grief counselor in Chicago, IL.Divorce
  • Loss of a job
  • Moving
  • Relationship ending or break-up
  • Infertility
  • A new health diagnosis

All of these major life changes can all bring feelings of loss. Of course, we grieve these deeply. These losses often go unacknowledged or unnoticed by others. Then, this can leave us feeling all alone. Like there is something wrong with us for feeling the way we do.

When to Seek Therapy for Grief and Loss in Chicago, IL

Processing and moving through grief take energy, patience, and time. Sometimes we are reluctant to share our feelings with family or friends because we don’t want to burden them. Often, we feel that no one understands our pain.  Seeking support from a therapist can help, particularly if we find ourselves:

  • Man in therapy for grief and loss in Chicago, IL with LifePath Therapy and online therapy in Illinois. You can get grief counseling in chicago, il from a trained Chicago grief counselor too.Withdrawing from social connections, feeling alone or isolated with our grief
  • Having difficulty taking care of our basic needs or the needs of our family
  • Reliving trauma surrounding the death
  • Having thoughts that we don’t want to continue living
  • Feeling unrelenting anxiety or panic attacks
  • Experiencing a loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, or loss of interest in activities
  • Feeling life is hopeless or without meaning
  • Wondering if we are “grieving correctly” or if we wonder if what we are feeling is “normal”

How a LifePath Therapy Associates Grief Counselor Can Help

We each grieve in our own way and therapy can be a healing space to acknowledge the impact of a loss and explore what it means to you.  Some people grieve by sharing deep emotions, and others grieve by doing things like participating in fundraisers or starting a foundation.  There is no right way to grieve, and a therapist can help you to explore what you need to grieve your loss in your own way, helping you to heal and make sense of all of the emotions that you are feeling.  A therapist can help you develop strategies to care for your emotional, spiritual, physical, and social needs as you feel and express your loss. Grief therapy can also help us to overcome trauma in a loss and restore your internal resilience, meaning, and a belief that you will make it through this, day by day.

Woman smiling and happy after getting therapy for grief and loss from a trained grief counselor at LifePath Therapy in person and with online therapy in illinois for grief and loss counseling chicago, il

Begin Healing with Grief Counseling in Chicago, IL

Grief does not inevitably mean you have to feel depressed, hopeless, isolated, or overwhelmed by emotion. Our therapists at our Chicago therapy clinic have accompanied many people on their unique paths of grief and loss, and we are here for you.  You don’t have to walk through your journey of grief alone. To start healing from your loss and grief, follow these simple steps below.

  1. Contact LifePath Therapy Associates for a free consultation
  2. Meet with one of our caring grief counselors 
  3. Life may never be the same, but we can still live our lives in a full and meaningful way, even after we experience deep loss.

More Counseling Services at LifePath Therapy Associates

Our Chicago, IL therapy team specializes in working with a variety of clients dealing with a multitude of different areas across the lifespan. Depression counseling is another high-quality service we offer to help you cope with grief and loss in our Chicago therapy clinic  Other mental health services at LifePath Therapy Associates include anxiety treatment, couples counseling postpartum depression treatment, trauma therapy and PTSD treatment, and caregiver support.

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