Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment

Have you found yourself experiencing…

Difficulty making or keeping friends?

Difficulty with social communication?

Intense sensory experiences or sensitivities?

Intense, specific, passionate interests to the exclusion of most other activities?

Difficulty moderating emotions when frustrated?

Conversations restricted to limited topics or interests?

Thinking about things in a rigid, black-and-white manner?

Here are some common symptoms of Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder:

  • Persistent difficulty with social skills and interactions such as:
    • Struggling with back-and-forth conversations
    • Struggling to initiate or respond in social interactions
    • Not consistently offering relevant information about themselves
    • Monopolizing conversations so that they focus on one’s own specific interests
  • Difficulty interpreting and producing nonverbal cues including:
    • Poor or inconsistent eye contact
    • Poorly integrated verbal and nonverbal cues
    • Difficulty interpreting or producing facial expressions
    • Struggling to understand gestures
  • Difficulty with maintaining relationships as evidenced by:
    • Struggling to maintain relationships
    • Difficulty adjusting one’s own behavior to adapt to different social situations
    • Struggling to initiate social interactions

How Autism Spectrum Disorder Testing Can Help You

Autism Spectrum Disorder is generally diagnosed in childhood as a result of social and academic difficulties. However, many high functioning adults find themselves struggling with symptoms of Autism and were not diagnosed as children either because they were able to “get by” due to their symptoms being relatively mild or because they did not fit into the rigid stereotypes about Autism which existed twenty years ago. It is not uncommon for an Autism Spectrum Disorder to go undetected well into adulthood. Often, highly intelligent adults have simply learned ways of coping or managed to find careers which accommodated their symptoms.

Autism Spectrum Disorder testing can help people to more deeply understand and make sense of some of the challenges they have experienced in their lives.  Clients reach out because they have struggled with relationships (both romantic and social), because they feel as if they are missing out on important elements in conversation, and because they have come to feel lonely, alienated, or isolated due to how difficult they have found social interactions. For many of these clients, the true gravity of their symptoms wasn’t fully felt until they left the structured settings of school and college. Thankfully, LifePath Therapy Associates is able to offer specialized assessments for adult Autism Spectrum Disorder. These tests help give clients, and their providers, an accurate diagnosis. Also, testing offers clear guidance to help people find new skills to redevelop their lives in order to be happier, fulfilled, and productive.

But I Don’t Have Time for Testing!

The average client will need to spend a total of four hours over four weeks on their assessment: a single one-hour intake sessions, a single one-hour face-to-face assessment session, a few minutes independently filling out forms, and a single one-hour feedback session to review their results. LifePath has worked with a variety of busy clients from working moms with multiple children to high-level executives and has found that virtually everyone can find the time for assessment, especially once one considers how much more time they will have available after they have come to understand their challenges and improved their time management skills.

Adult Autism Spectrum Disorder Screening and Psychological Testing in Chicago, IL

LifePath Therapy Associates is able to offer psychological testing to provide clarification regarding your diagnosis. We use a variety of empirically validated tests, each one considering a mix of relevant life experiences. We might also use personality inventories that assess various symptoms. Additionally, LifePath generally utilizes simple inventories asking you about a variety of experiences you might have. After gathering information from the various tests, the psychologist will generate a report. This report includes an accurate diagnosis, a detailed explanation of how we came to that diagnosis, and recommendations for managing the symptoms you experience.

Start to feel more grounded and in control with  Autism Spectrum Disorder counseling in Chicago, IL

Beginning counseling at LifePath Therapy is straightforward and simple. The process of getting started at our Chicago therapy clinic is made efficient, clear, and easy. To begin working with us, just follow these three simple steps.

  1. Contact LifePath Therapy Associates for a free consultation
  2. Meet with one of our experienced clinicians.
  3. Experience the freedom that comes with more organized thinking and with enhanced work productivity.

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