Corporate Support Groups

Professionals are currently experiencing pervasive stress as they grapple with the desire to reintegrate their lives into a new normal, while COVID continues to threaten safety and wellness. The drive to consistently excel at work while contending with the ongoing impact of COVID too often leads to overwhelm and burnout. On average, employees are working more hours than ever due to the blurred lines between work and home, to the negligence of their own needs. This negative cycle ultimately hurts both the individual and their employers due to the resulting lack of focus, motivation, and energy needed for optimal productivity and well-being.

LifePath provides support groups to employees and their organizations to address these critical issues. With a combination of important life skills and the opportunity to connect with other employees, these groups offer a roadmap to improved stress management and wellbeing, as well as increased capacity to perform.

Self-care and mental health
Communication and conflict management skills
Values and Goal setting
Management of stress and difficult emotions

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