Family Caregiving

*Are you caring for a loved one impacted by a chronic or progressive illness?

*Do you find yourself struggling to care for yourself as you balance the demands of work, parenting and caring for your spouse, parent or another family member or friend?

*Are you looking for tools and strategies to help you communicate and care for a loved one impacted by dementia or cognitive loss?

*Perhaps you are feeling deep grief and loss as you see your loved-one change through the process of aging or a progressive illness?

*Are you looking for support and professional guidance as you plan for the “next steps” with an ill or aging family member?

*Has your relationship with your loved one changed as you move into the role of caregiver, and are you seeking strategies to communicate with each other?

Caring for and providing support to a family member or friend who is aging or has an illness can bring up many feelings. Sometimes we might not feel comfortable sharing these feelings with our family or friends because we do not want to upset or “burden” them.

The work of caregiving requires strength and resilience, and caregivers who do not take care of themselves may experience burnout and become susceptible to emotional distress as well as physical health challenges. Talking with a therapist can give us a place to process and share our feelings, help us to understand our loved one’s illness, develop strategies to care for ourselves, explore communication and caregiving tools, reduce feelings of isolation, and cope with the grief, loss and stress that we might be experiencing as we see our loved ones change.

While caring for someone we love can bring difficulties and challenges, it can also bring great opportunities for love, deep connection and sharing with those individuals who are most important to us. When we have the opportunity to understand and cope with these challenges, it has the potential to open us up to the beauty and possibilities of sharing deeply important moments with our love-ones.

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