HAES®-informed and Weight-Inclusive Care:

Do you identify as a fat individual? 

Have you been harmed by weight bias?

Do you want to work with a therapist that will create a safe, body-neutral therapy space? 

We acknowledge that healthcare is often discriminant based on weight and size, making physical and mental health care challenging to pursue. We believe that you deserve quality mental health care rooted in the HAES® principles of weight inclusivity, holistic health enhancement, and respectful care.

Most importantly, we want to work together with you to understand and pursue your values and goals around health and well-being.

The LifePath Therapy Approach to Weight-Inclusive Care:

At LifePath we focus on alternatives to a weight-based approach to treating clients of all body sizes. We recognize the history of diet-culture and fatphobia that has made mental health care feel unsafe for many fat individuals. We are committed to working with clients to ensure a safe, inclusive, and body-neutral therapy space.

LifePath acknowledges a holistic, individualized, and ever-changing definition of health. Physical and mental wellness exists on a continuum; therefore, the presence or absence of any condition, measurement or ability cannot accurately assess one’s level or health.

Begin Body Neutral Counseling at LifePath Therapy Associates:

You shouldn’t have to worry about facing fatphobia in your therapy space. We want to create an environment that is safe and welcoming and that focuses on your values and goals. Many of our skilled clinicians are HAES® (Health At Every Size)-informed and use this lens to work with clients of all body types. If you are interested in working with a HAES®-trained therapist, please take these steps:

Services at LifePath Therapy Associates

Our therapists understand that people face a multitude of unique challenges across the lifespan, and we offer therapy services for depression treatment, post traumatic stress therapy and complex trauma therapy, grief and loss support, maternal mental health help, specialized treatment for LGBTQI+, couples therapy, caregiver support, and many other specialized areas of focus. Reach out today to be matched with the therapist who is the best fit for you!

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