Do you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, or are you questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation?

Do you find yourself worried about finding a therapist who understands your lived experience?

Deciding to come to therapy can already be a challenge, and folks who identify as LGBTQI face unique barriers to accessing quality mental health services.

At LifePath, we are intentional in creating an inclusive space that is safe, welcoming, and affirming. It’s a place where you can engage in a process of collaborative exploration with your clinician to uncover areas in your life that you want to change. Our clinicians have specific training and experience working with folks who identify as LGBTQI and can help untangle complex issues related to sexual identity, gender identity, sexual health, relationship issues, gender affirming transitions, and any other subjects connected to sexuality and gender.

You deserve a therapy experience free from stigma, shame, and judgment. For us, there is nothing more important than partnering with you in removing barriers in your life.

LifePath Therapy Associates is committed to honoring your lived experience and providing you with competent, inclusive care.

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