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Chronic Pain and Illness

Therapy for Chronic Pain and Illness

Recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness?
Feeling anxious about the future?
Frustrated by a loss of independence?
Feeling guilty for asking loved ones for help?
Exhausted by managing medical appointments?
Dealing with chronic pain and illness is challenging
Learning to adjust to life after a new health diagnosis or coping with a long-term illness can be difficult. Sometimes we experience deep feelings of loss, fear, depression, and anxiety as we struggle to find our new normal. We might feel uncertain about sharing our feelings with the people we love, so we simply hold in our feelings and emotions.

A therapist can help you to cope with chronic illness and health anxiety in Chicago, IL

Living with chronic illness can be difficult and can have an impact on our emotional health. Seeing a therapist can help us take care of our mental well-being, and can also be useful in helping to address some of the long-term symptoms of chronic illness.
You don’t need to suffer from chronic illness alone.
Our therapists at LifePath Therapy Associates will offer a safe place to process your feelings about your health and illness and what it means for you and your life. We can help you cope, as well as manage pain, fear, anxiety, and depression. Together, let’s tap into your internal strengths and plan for your future as you focus on what matters most to you.

The LifePath Approach Coping With Chronic Illness and Pain

Our therapists use a wide range of approaches to help our clients cope with illness and health anxiety. Some of the tools we find most helpful include meditation and mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral approaches to explore your feelings and thoughts, non-medical pain management strategies, self-compassion, and exploration of your values. We create a place to process your feelings and plan for your future wishes and needs. Also, we can also help you communicate your needs and wishes with your loved ones in a meaningful and positive way.

Take the next step to live a meaningful life despite illness.

Start Therapy for Chronic Illness in Chicago, IL

Take the first step to get specialized counseling for chronic illness and pain. Many of our compassionate therapists specialize in working with concerns related to health anxiety and chronic illness and pain. We hope that you will reach out today to get the support that you deserve.

Both In-Person and Online Therapy is available!

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