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Executive Coaching

Are you seeking specific consultation and support from a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional with expertise in understanding the unique demands of running a company or a department?

Are you at the “top of your game,” and yet feel isolated by the fact that there are few people in your life that really understand what you deal with on a daily basis?

Executive coaching is very different from business coaching

Is your high-intensity professional life starting to interfere with your ability to cope with stress in a healthy manner?

Does the idea of work/life balance feel unrealistic, given the scope of your responsibilities?

Executive coaching is very different from business coaching
If this resonates, you might benefit from Therapeutic Executive Coaching, which is a clinical approach that is custom-tailored for managers, business owners, C-suite and senior executives. Business coaching/consultation differs from therapeutic executive coaching. Business coaching places business development at the forefront of the discussion. Whereas, Therapeutic Executive Coaching supports overall emotional wellbeing, cultivates healthy relationships, increases interpersonal effectiveness, and strengthens communication style. All of which, ultimately impact overall business productivity.
In Therapeutic Executive Coaching, the intersection of psychological and business acumen is explored through a trusted therapist/client relationship.

Both personal and professional identity play important roles in the well-being and success of C-Suite executives; thus, it is important that the therapist has specific training in this type of leadership style and demands. At LifePath we have therapists with specific expertise in understanding and identifying the unique emotional burdens associated with positions of power. These trained therapists assist leaders by enhancing their ability to cope with the high levels of stress associated with the responsibility of running a team or an organization.

Therapy will strengthen interpersonal relationships and develop stress management skills, thus impacting improved employee satisfaction. Therapeutic Executive Coaching involves a systematic approach to explore how the organization’s vision and priorities interface with individual functioning.

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