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Parent Adult Child Relationships

Family Counseling for parents and their adult children

Unresolved conflict getting in the way of moving forward?
Having trouble navigating boundaries with one another?
Want to communicate better and feel more connected?
When a child become an adult, their relationship with a parent doesn’t end…it just changes! Yet these changes can feel confusing and difficult to navigate. And sometimes when we spend time with our family of origin, we even revert back into “old roles” or past ways of interacting.
Parent Adult Child Relationships Take Effort
Signs that family therapy may be helpful to you:
  • Patterns of repeated conflict around the same issues
  • Avoidance of spending time together due to hurt or anger
  • Feeling stuck in your relationship
  • Uncertainty of how to address a concern in a healthy way

Counseling can help your family improve communication and increase connection

We can help your family learn to actively listen and better understand one another, communicate more effectively, and deepen your parent / adult child relationships. Your family can move out of old patterns of relating to one another – as these 5 tips help illustrate – and build relationships in this new stage of life.

Take the first step to pursue family therapy today

LifePath therapists have specialized training in family therapy including adult child relationships. We hope that you will reach out today to get the support that your family deserves.

Both In-Person and Online Therapy is available!

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