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Body Image & Eating Disorders

Is your teen struggling with body image and eating disorders?

At LifePath, we understand the complexities teens face regarding body image and eating disorders. In our world today, teens experience a bombardment of messaging around diet culture, bodies, and self-worth. It can feel overwhelming for a teen to navigate and build trust with their changing bodies while wading through these shame-based implicit and explicit messages. Our compassionate approach empowers teens to navigate these challenges, fostering a healthy relationship with their bodies.
Common Body Image and Eating Disorder Challenges with Teens
  • Excessive preoccupation with weight and appearance
  • Changes in eating habits, such as extreme dieting or binge eating
  • Frequent negative comments about their body
  • Isolation or withdrawal from social activities
  • Mood swings and irritability
  • Secretive behavior around food
  • Exercising excessively or obsessively
  • Expressing fear of gaining weight
  • Physical symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, or hair loss
  • Avoidance of meals or specific food groups

Begin Teen Counseling for Body Image and Eating Disorders

Facing body image and eating disorders alone can be overwhelming for teens. Our dedicated therapists specialize in supporting teens through these challenges, empowering them to step out of shame-based narratives around their bodies and find food and movement freedom. Our therapists work with teens to enhance a positive sense of self by growing acceptance of the whole self. We will also refer to and collaborate with other eating disorder professionals where appropriate to ensure that your teen is receiving holistic support. Whether in-person or online, LifePath Therapy Associates offers a range of counseling services to address the unique needs of each teen. Reach out today to connect with a caring therapist and embark on the path to healing.

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