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Identity & Self Esteem

Who am I?

What do I value in life?

How do I become the person I’ve always wanted to be?

In the intricate journey of adolescence, understanding one’s identity and cultivating self-esteem are crucial milestones. At LifePath, we guide teens through this transformative process, helping them differentiate unique values from societal pressures, develop emotional awareness, and cultivate a stronger connection with their respective identities. Our therapeutic toolbox, incorporating CBT, DBT, ACT, and trauma-informed practices, adapts to each teen’s unique needs. Grounded in respect and empathy, our relational attachment approach empowers teens to navigate and embrace their evolving identities.
Spiritual Identity Therapy
Common Signs of Identity & Self-Esteem Challenges in Teens
  • Exploration about self-identity
  • Fluctuating self-esteem levels
  • Struggles with body image
  • Peer comparison and social pressure
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Fear of judgment and rejection
  • Perfectionism and fear of failure
  • Relationship challenges
  • Lack of self-compassion
  • Emotional withdrawal or isolation

Begin Teen Counseling for Identity & Self-Esteem

At LifePath, we guide teens through the intricate process of understanding their identity and building self-esteem. Using therapeutic tools like CBT, DBT, ACT, exposure therapy, trauma-informed practice, and insight-oriented work, we tailor our approach to meet each teen’s unique needs. Our therapists prioritize a relational attachment approach grounded in respect and empathy, empowering teens to navigate and embrace their evolving identities.

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