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In the wake of the last few years, we are more isolated and disconnected as a culture than we’ve ever been.

More than half (58%) of Americans are reporting a feeling of loneliness. We know from research that not only does social support improve our general physical and emotional wellbeing, but having the support of an emotionally safe community is the primary catalyst for healing. Our brain can literally rewire!
Corporate Support Groups by LifePath Therapy Associates
We all need connection and community to heal and grow - we are hurt in relationships and we heal in relationships.

Shame can’t survive when stories are told in safe places. And hearing others’ stories can give new perspectives on our own experiences, validating where you’ve been, and perhaps showing new possibilities for the future.

At LifePath we offer a variety of groups to provide a place to learn from and alongside others, practice new skills, take in fresh perspectives, and be in community.