Young Adults

Are you in college, recently graduated from college, launching your
professional career or starting to define your professional identity? Many challenges and struggles can surface while navigating this stage of life.

At LifePath, we specialize in preparing and supporting people during
emerging adulthood. This life stage is one of exponential growth and
development and is often exciting, energizing, and, at times,
overwhelming. Therapists will use their humor and sense of self to join
with clients around specific areas that are unique to this season of life.
We provide client-centered and individual treatment that involves a
process-oriented approach coupled with a strategic empowerment of skill enhancement.

Our approach honors common areas that are specific to millennials such

*Anxiety around online dating

*Managing life transitions

*Establishing boundaries with partners and families

*Enhancing emotional well-being

*Cultivating healthy communication patterns

*Financial stress

*Job choice/indecision

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