Parenting Support

Do you ever feel like you’re grasping at straws and just wish there were a clear answer when it comes to your kids? Do you and your partner disagree on parenting decisions?

Parenting is a rewarding and important job which results in large amounts of stress and pressure to “get it right.”  As parents, we are inundated with a myriad of approaches. With so many competing opinions, it’s hard to know what’s best.

Therapy is a place where you can process your fears, tensions, anxieties and successes as they relate to parenting. With the assistance of a trained psychotherapist, you can strategize about a parenting approach and style that align with your specific values, culture and ideals. LifePath’s relational and customized therapeutic approach allows you space to both process and hear research-based feedback when determining what is best for you and your child.

The therapeutic process can help to alleviate the burden of parenting by allowing room for collaborative brainstorming. Additionally, a LifePath therapist can steer you through evidence-based research surrounding discipline and help you to develop systems for rewards and consequences. We also provide valuable input about what’s developmentally appropriate.


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