Feeling Overwhelmed? Counseling for Moms and Postpartum Therapy

“What would it be like if we could accept life, to accept this moment, exactly as it is?” ~Tara Branch

Postpartum Therapy and Postpartum Support

For new moms, it can be upsetting and frightening to have feelings about motherhood that don’t seem “right.” Now, you feel stuck. Maybe even uncertain and afraid. Every time you have a decision to make, you feel paralyzed with indecision. It’s difficult to cope and get through the day.

“Am I even cut out to be a parent?”

You might fear not getting it “right” or that you’re making a mistake that could have a lasting impact on your child.

For some women, a morning run, a healthy diet, and receiving help and support from family and friends are sufficient enough to get through the initial adjustment period. For others, talking to a therapist who specializes in dealing with new motherhood issues can be comforting, relieving, and enlightening.

Little Girl With Toy And Pregnant Mom Belly Postpartum Depression Counseling and Postpartum Anxiety Treatment in Chicago, IL

"A mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance actually vaccinates her daughter against low self-esteem." - Naomi Wolf

Common postpartum depression and anxiety symptoms include:

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • guilt
  • hopelessness
  • loss of interest or pleasure in activities
  • mood swings
  • fatigue
  • panic attacks
  • crying
  • irritability
  • restlessness
  • loss of appetite
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • lack of concentration
  • unwanted thoughts
  • depression
  • fear
  • feelings of inadequacy
  • anger at your partner
  • struggling with new or unfamiliar emotions
  • insomnia
  • repeatedly going over thoughts

We know that hormone changes, personal and family history, and social support are all vital factors in seeing and ending postpartum symptoms. More importantly, we also know it is totally normal to feel the way you’re feeling!
Often, new mothers feel insecure. Sometimes, depressed by their changing bodies. Between this and changes in hormones, some new mothers are experiencing changes that need support. This might include a lack of interest in sex and shame around this change in libido. Some have anger and dislike towards their partner, often take out stress on their partner.

Often, moms start postpartum depression treatment for the following reasons:

  • Feeling disconnected with your child
  • Second-guessing decision to have children
  • Feeling guilty due to high self-expectations
  • Not feeling “bonded” with the baby
  • Your thoughts are racing and you can’t quiet your mind
  • Feeling empty and numb as if you’re just going through the motions
  • Lack of focus and concentration
  • Being afraid that if you reach out for help, others will judge your inabilities
  • Thoughts of running away or leaving your baby behind
  • Being constantly in a state of worry

You were someone before you were their mom, and that person matters.

Maternal Mental Health Support: For all of your changing roles

New moms often feel conflicted about work-life balance. Even moms who love their professional roles often feel this way. You may regret having to work or feel guilty about wishing you could go back to work sooner. All this, while struggling with sleep deprivation and loss of primary identity. Then, there's the reality that things don't just magically get better as the baby gets older. In fact, now there are even more threats and worries as kids get older. How are you supposed to manage all of this?

“Take a shower, wash off the day. Drink a glass of water. Make the room dark. Lie down and close your eyes. Notice the silence. Notice your heart. Still beating. Still fighting. You made it, after all. You made it another day. And you can make it one more. You’re doing just fine.” – Charlotte Eriksson

Overwhelmed Moms: We're here for you.

Not just postpartum, but support throughout motherhood

Mother working at the kitchen table with her laptop and a cup of coffee. She looks stressed as her young toddler baby looks on. Maternal mental health matters, and you can get postpartum therapy in Chicago, IL or online counseling in Illinois with LifePath Therapy in Chi.

Finally, it’s important to note that some moms are struggling through all of this alone. Maybe you are managing the burden of single parenting. Or, you're now parenting with a long-distance partner. Your kids might be very young or growing quickly. No matter your family and parenting situation, we are here to help Chicago moms in counseling.

Quite frankly, it’s a lot to imagine having to nurture and guide your children for years to come. You’re not just worried about sleep training, but also worried about how you are going to get through the next 15 years! You may even feel guilty for not feeling overjoyed by being a mother. We get it. In fact, we’ve helped parents just like you deal with these feelings. In postpartum therapy, we hope to make you feel better.

The LifePath Therapy Approach to Counseling for Moms in Chicago, IL

Taking care of our emotional well-being is a gift to our children and their children. Our hope is for our children to have the love and support that we longed for as children. No matter how great or awful our own childhood was, we always want better for our children. These layers can be explored in postpartum therapy as well. As moms, we not only deserve to put ourselves first, but it’s actually better for our families when we do. It’s one thing to know that in theory, but professional postpartum support makes it real. Remember, you are not a machine, it is normal to have bad days.
“Good Enough is Good Enough.”

At LifePath Therapy, “Empowerment” matters. In fact, it’s is the hallmark trait of our approach to postpartum therapy. Our postpartum therapists are collaborative, supportive, strengths-based, person-centered, judgment-free, warm, and caring. What does that mean for you? That we’re ready to meet you and support you during this period of transition and change. We create space and make room to problem-solve right alongside you. In counseling for moms or postpartum therapy, we’ll help you identify your innate strengths and capacities. Then, we’ll explore some external and internal coping strategies that might help. Finally, we’ll help build more competence and confidence in this “mothering” role. How amazing would it be to feel more like the mother you imagined becoming?

You CAN feel more confident as a mother, even with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, and other maternal mental health concerns beyond the postpartum season.

Military mom and two kids smiling and embracing after therapy for maternal overwhelm in Chicago, IL. Maternal mental health in Chicago, IL can be supported with postpartum depression treatment at LifePath Therapy in Chicago, IL 60602 for overwhelmed moms and those feeling overwhelmed.Therapy may not take away all the things you are feeling right now. It’s not meant to. Instead, postpartum counseling for depression, anxiety, OCD, maternal overwhelm, and more, will help fortify you. After postpartum therapy or counseling for moms of all stages, you will feel more empowered and grounded. With counseling for overwhelmed moms at LifePath, you'll be more self-compassionate, and more self-accepting. Perhaps, you’ll even start seeing the humor within the struggle. Our hope is that you will have a greater sense of peace and calm related to being a mother. You have within yourself everything you need to be a loving parent. Let us help you unlock those powers, together.

Start Counseling for Moms in Chicago, IL

Let’s talk about how to help you enjoy life with your child and children. We know you're feeling overwhelmed. Our maternal mental health specialists at LifePath Therapy Associates in Chicago are here for you.  You can feel more connected to your babies, starting right now. To begin postpartum therapy or counseling for moms at all stages of life, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact LifePath Therapy Associates for a free consultation.
  2. Meet with one of our caring therapists
  3. Begin feeling more like the parent you dreamed you would be.

More Therapy Services in Chicago, IL

You are not a one-dimensional human. While your role as a mom or new parent may feel all-consuming now, we know that you are a complete person. Furthermore, we know there are other members of your family who may need support. Therefore, LifePath Therapy Associates has therapists who work with you in various seasons of life. Our counselors specialize in working with a variety of clients dealing with a multitude of different areas across the lifespan. Postpartum depression counseling isn’t the only service we offer in our Chicago therapy location! Other mental health services at LifePath Therapy Associates include anxiety treatment, trauma therapy, couples counseling, depression counseling, treatment for grief and loss, and caregiver support.

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