Who We Are

LifePath Therapy Associates is a psychotherapy practice located in the heart of the Chicago loop. LifePath is uniquely committed to serving individuals, couples and families across diverse communities. We also share a deep commitment to an anti-oppressive, client-centered, strengths-based approach using empirically supported interventions. We focus on working with clients to manage transitions and change throughout every stage of life. As a lifespan-focused practice, our clinicians offer expertise in the following areas and specialties:

  • Individuals experiencing anxiety and depression
  • Emerging adults coping with relational dynamics and adjusting to adulthood.
  • Thriving professionals working toward achieving balance amidst high intensity work stress and exploring how organizational dynamics interface with interpersonal effectiveness.
  • New or seasoned couples forging emotional connectedness and developing healthy communication patterns.
  • Families dealing with anxiety surrounding infertility, adjustment to parenthood, or healthy blending of extended family dynamics within the immediate family unit.
  • Individuals and families caring for loved ones and managing changes in identity that come with empty nesting and retirement.
  • Older Adults adjusting to the physical and emotional transitions often accompanying the aging process including grief, loss, changing roles and identity, exploring meaning and legacy, isolation, and end-of-life planning.

25 E Washington Street Suite 1835
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: (312) 940-3655
Fax: (312) 374-4966